Small Business Video

Small Business Video

Affordable videos for small businesses

Just because you own a small business does not mean you deserve less attention. That being said, it might seem a daunting task to make yourself heard amongst all the big, already-established companies out there.

Do not be discouraged.

Creating videos promoting your small business is the best way to let your presence be known to more than just your neighbours. People tend to pick the companies they know they can trust, so show potential consumers that you can offer the same - or even better - products and services with engaging videos that accurately show your style and expertise.

We specialize in providing the best quality production services to fit your small business’ needs:
  • Company Profile Video
  • Event Showcase Video
  • Promotional Video
  • Social Media Video
  • Testimonial Video
  • Tutorial Video
  • Unboxing Video
  • Origin Video (How did it all start?)
  • Behind-the-Scenes Video
  • Video Blog
  • Thank You Video

Whether you want to capture the excitement of an event like Opening Day, get people excited for a new product with an Unboxing Video (a growing trend), or promote your business on social media platforms, Visual Production Agency will help you every step of the way during your video-making adventure. If you have a unique idea for a video that you think will help your business, we are all ears.

The process will be as painless as possible. Rest assured, your message will be heard.

Get in touch today to find out how we can help you get your voice out there!


  • Book a time at Visual Production Agency
  • Brief us on your business and its requirements
  • We help you set communication objectives and visual concept
  • Have your brand logo - eps or vector file - ready to go
  • Read out guidelines for appearing on camera
  • We plan post-production, including editing, graphics, and branding
  • We ensure formatting matches your channels - online, email or SMS, intranet, social channels, and/or TV

We produce stories that engage, intrigue and entertain

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