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Arri Armaty

Arri Armaty

Senior Motion Designer and Video Editor

Since 2015, Arri has been in charge of post-production at Visual Production Agency. He edits and pieces everything together to make flawless final products that exceed expectations.

When he was younger, he always had a passion for television and cinema. His favourite movies are Lord of the Rings and the Marvel series of movies, due to the production aspects involved in filming and creation. The idea of being involved with such cinematic achievements keeps him motivated.

During university, he was successful in gaining a position in broadcasting and production for a major television station, kick starting his career. In 1998, he started in filming and editing and then moved into animation and motion graphics in 2008, starting his own business and working for international companies.

While working with Visual Production Agency, he has been able to continue his passion, incorporated with building a network of clients, and creating products that are fit for purpose and promote quality brands.

Hobbies and Passions: Body-building and eating steak (got to get that protein!), and archiving movies and documentaries.

Arri Armaty
Arri Armaty

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