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In-Studio Videos

Get your market talking about and sharing your brand!

Social media is THE communications platform of the 21st century.

If your business is not on social, your brand is missing the mark.

But how do you stand out amongst the flood of ads, info and comments on social media?

The answer: With video. Research shows that posts with video attract 5-7 times the views that a plain old ad will.

With Visual Production Agency we can inject the vibrancy of video into your social media for a lot less than you think.

Plus, we have an in house expert who can employ all the right algorithms to craft a digital strategy for your campaign.

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram,Twitter or LinkedIn, we can help your social campaign hit the mark!

Stop putting it off - make your corporate video this week

Want a knock out video which will power up your marketing but won’t cost the earth?

If you have the message, we have the place to make your video happen!

Visual Production Agency has a fully equipped, professionally staffed Green Screen studio in Essendon.

Featuring broad cast-quality TV cameras, lighting and sound equipment and a leading-edge post-production suite, you can make your promotional, social media or online video - or a TV ad - happen this week!

If you have the ambition, the time to take your business to the next levelhas arrived.

We have 3 great packages matched to your budget.

Deal 1 $595*

  • Half hour filming
  • Your script
  • 30 second video
  • 3-person team
  • Teleprompter
  • Professional editing
  • 2-day turnaround

Deal 2 $895*

  • 45 mins filming
  • Professional scripting
  • 45 second video
  • 4-person team
  • Teleprompter
  • Professional editing
  • 3-day turnaround

Deal 3 $1395*

  • 1.5 hour filming
  • Professional scripting
  • 1 minute video
  • 4-person team
  • Teleprompter
  • Professional editing
  • Music track
  • 5-day turnaround

And since you’re coming to us, bring your team along.

We’ll throw in Corporate Photography, including head shots and a team shot for an impressive $695*

*All prices exclude GST, terms and conditions apply

7 points to making your
video happen smoothly

  • Come up with a clear message anchored on your unique selling point
  • Write your script – ensuring you can deliver it in time
  • Have your brand logo - eps or vector file - ready to go
  • Book a time at Visual Production Agency
  • Read our guidelines for appearing on camera
  • Practise your delivery (until you can say it in your sleep)
  • Let us know where you plan to use it so we can format it to your channels – online, email or SMS, social, TV
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