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Social Media Videos

Get your market talking about and sharing your brand!

Social media is THE communications platform of the 21st century.

If your business is not on social, your brand is missing the mark.

But how do you stand out amongst the flood of ads, info and comments on social media?

The answer: With video. Research shows that posts with video attract 5-7 times the views that a plain old ad will.

With Visual Production Agency we can inject the vibrancy of video into your social media for a lot less than you think.

Plus, we have an in house expert who can employ all the right algorithms to craft a digital strategy for your campaign.

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram,Twitter or LinkedIn, we can help your social campaign hit the mark!

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7 points to making your
social video smash it!

  • Brief us on your business and goals
  • We help you set your objectives
  • Brief us on brand guidelines
  • Our team devise a visual concept
  • Our experienced writers develop ascript, story board and ad copy
  • We plan post production including editing, graphics and branding
  • Our analyst advises you on a strategy to ensure your content hits its mark
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