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Government Videos

Perfectly crafted government videos.

Communication lies at the core of government work, the ability to speak to the community or an array of stake holders with impact.

In the 21st century crowded with messages and platforms, the best way to communicate is with video.

At Visual Production Agency, we are highly experienced with over 15 years in working along side public sectors, understand your environment and its processes.

We work closely with all of your stake holders to deliver creative, superbly produced video which delivers your message with impact.

Whether you work with a local council, the state government or a federal government agency, let us help you deliver the perfect video for your mission.

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8 pointers to making
a government video

  • Brief us on your organisation’s purpose, compliance requirements and environment.
  • We help you set communications objectives.
  • Brief us on compliance and department / agency issues.
  • Our team devise a visual concept.
  • We engage our writers develop the script or Q & A with you.
  • Our team plan technical aspects for shooting your footage.
  • We plan post production including editing, graphics and branding.
  • We ensure formatting matches your channels – online, intranet, social channels, or class room.

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