Event Videos

Event Videos

Capture the spirit of any occasion

Visual Production Agency travels nationally and internationally to cover events. We’ve covered everything - Media Awards, Trade Expos, Community Festivals, Celebrity sports days - and everything in between.

With our live online video broadcast and onsite screen projection solutions, you can also use our services to ensure no one misses out on the action. Our productions capture the special moments you’ll be itching to rewatch in high quality video.

Our trained and ready team can help show off your event to a broad audience with high-quality videos:
  • Special event video
  • Corporate event video
  • Gala event video
  • Festival event video
  • Sporting event video
  • Opening day video
  • Live streaming video

Event videos tend to have higher than average levels of audience engagement because of their decorative settings, shots of people interacting, and great storytelling potential. They can create a sense of inclusion as they let people in on the action.

Inclusion Through Live Stream Videos

Live stream videos are a great way to not only convey the excitement of your event, but also allow people to feel included in the fun. It creates a sense of connection. Depending on the event, such as a sporting event or a festival, it could help to increase attendance in years to come. In addition to events, live-streaming is ideal for Q&A sessions, lectures/guest speakers, and interviews.

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  • Brief us on your occasion and its requirements
  • We help you set communication objectives
  • Brief us on brand guidelines and/or compliance issues
  • Our team devises a visual concept
  • Our experienced writers develop the script or Q&A
  • We plan post-production, including editing, graphics, and branding
  • We ensure formatting matches your channels - online, email or SMS, intranet, social channels and/or TV

We produce stories that engage, intrigue and entertain

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