Commercial Video Production Case Study – Dallas Delta
Commercial Video Production Case Study

Commercial Video Production Case Study
– Dallas Delta

Videos created for telecommunication industry

Partnered with PTW Communications to create an effective video to help relaunch a product.

The Client

Dallas Delta provides a massive selection of high-quality communication systems, such as intercoms and telephones.


To create awareness of a product that was about to become available to Australians, prior to the expo event where the video would be shown.


Visual Production Agency and PTW Communications worked together to create a video that highlighted certain aspects of the Multitek Intercom: easy to install, easy to use, secure, and stylish. Photography was taken during the video production process for promotional purposes on social media platforms.


The video shows the technology’s sleek design and large, easy-to-see button selections, indicating its ease of use. The homeowner in the video is shown feeling at ease as a child plays safely indoors, supporting the fact that the intercom provides a sense of security.

The video was made in time to be shown at the expo event. Video marketing proved a versatile way to relaunch their residential security product range.

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