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Mark Birdsall, HSE Training Consultant, Rio Tinto
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Video training & education

Training your staff is essential, but it can be costly, time-consuming and sometimes boring.

At Visual Production Agency we believe that when people are entertained and intrigued they learn faster and more effectively and we weave that into all our online training and education videos to engage students of all ages and keep their attention.


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Make sure your on-boarding and skill development videos are engaging so that viewers actually learn the material

Online video training let’s your staff complete their training on any device (desktop, laptop, table, or smartphone), and in any location (home, office, or while travelling). Our innovative approach keeps them engaged and you can monitor and evaluate their progress.

Whether you need to teach new skills, introduce new software or procedures, or ensure compliance with safety procedures, high quality training increases staff performance, productivity, safety and engagement.

You can use video for:

  • Staff induction (safety, procedures, compliance, culture)
  • Ongoing Training (up-skilling, regulated reinforcement, new tasks)
  • Professional Development & Further Education
Our production team and OH&S professionals will work with you directly to create a training video that is compliant with government standards.

Your staff will be enjoy learning and the videos can be compiled into an online training system or screened during a scheduled training session, so that you have unlimited flexibility in meeting you training requirements.

Video training ensures that everybody within your organisation gets the same message every time which saves your company time and money. Your videos can include animation, engaging voice over’s and other creative touches to maintain interest and communicate most effectively.

Induction videos for new staff, training videos for Professional Development, how-to videos of all types … don’t have to be boring! In fact, they shouldn’t be. Ever.

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