About Visual Production Agency:

Videos That Engage, Intrigue, and Entertain

Visual Production Agency has produced videos for: 
  • Corporate promotion, advertising, and sales;
  • Online staff inductions, training and education;
  • Government publicity, education, and promotion;
  • Special events
  • Educational Institutions

Every completed video project is focused on three main goals:-

  1. Achieving the objectives our client specified for the project: instruction, sales, brand visibility, message promotion;
  2. Engaging and entertaining viewers: evoking curiosity and adding fun touches so that viewers watch all the way to the end;
  3.  Making the process easy and fun for clients: even people who think they hate the camera learn how to relax and enjoy themselves and our entire process is designed to deliver your desired outcome with minimum hassle.

Hear our clients experience working with Visual Production Agency

Visual Production Agency uses our own professional-grade equipment and shoots in 4K format to ensure the highest quality finished work. We can shoot on-location or using green screen in our fully equipped studio. Our team of passionate and talented experts includes specialists in all aspects of video production, from videography and audio production, to still photography, lighting, media training, editing, finishing, and marketing. You see we aren’t just a team of creatives who are passionate about creating movies, we’re also business and marketing savvy and we understand that your videos are created for a purpose and you are looking for a return on your investment.

“We take pride in understanding your goals, and look for creative ways to tell your story for maximum engagement and impact.”
Daniel Calleja, Creative Director